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Brev till egyptolog vid Egyptiska museet i Turin, Italien.

Nyligen hade undertecknad en liten sammandrabbning med en italiensk försäljare som passerade orten. Alla möten med mäniskor från stövellandet är inte otrevliga. I bland kan det bli ett fängslande kulturellt utbyte under förutsättning att man får kontakt med rätt människa.
  För en oherrans massa år sedan köpte jag en bok om det historiska Egypten. Under läsning dök det upp en del frågor i samband därmed. Bestämde mig för att skriva till en egyptolog. Jag hade ungefär samtidigt inhandlat en italiensk-svensk ordbok. Därmed tänkte jag utnyttja tillfället att skriva ett brev till en egyptolog i Italien. Jag ville passa på att lära mig italienska ord aktivt. Det bästa sättet att lära sig något är att hitta tillfällen att använda lärdom aktivt.
  Mitt brev sändes härvidlag till egyptologen Anna Maria Donadoni Roveri, intentendent vid Egyptiska museet i Turin.
  Jag använde följande italienska ord och uttryck: Febbraio, buon giorno, mio nome, e io, uomo, la Svezia, perdonare, lingua, essere dotato per le lingue, missiva, matto da legare, libro, l´Egitto, lettera, cosmo, in fede, problema, monoteismo, indignazione, togliere l´onore a och in eterno.
På svenska: februari, god dag, mitt namn, och jag, man, Sverige, ursäkta, språk, språkbegåvad, brev, bindgalen, bok, Egypten, brev, universum, på hedersord, problem, monoteism, indignation, ta heder och ära av, i evighet.

                                                                                             Ålem , Febbraio 13 1995

Buon giorno, Anna Maria!
Mio nome is Stanley Lindström, e io am a thirtytwo-year-old uomo from la Svezia. Perdonare my bad attempt at your beautiful lingua. Unfortunately, essere dotato per le lingue I am not, so please don´t be angry with me. Io just wanted to use some Italian words during my lifespan, and this seemed to be the best opportunity.
  Well, I´d better get on with my missiva before you start to think that I´m totally matto da legare. Please accept my apologies for taking up your time.

Now to business. Awhile ago Io bought a copy of "Egypt: Land of the Pharaos", published by Time Life, and it is from that libro I´ve gotten your name. It was read with a muchness of interest, and Io learned a whole lot about l´Egitto.
  However, there were a few things that puzzled me, and thus I´m writing this lettera in the hope thar you can answer a few question for me. Io will understand if you decide not to write me back, but if you do, you´ll make me the happiest man in cosmo. In fede!

Firstly, Io read on the pages 48-49 that the necropolis Saqqara was located west of Memphis, because " the sun god Re started his nightly journey to the underworld from the western skies". A couple of sentences later one can read that " it became customary to add a chapel room on the eastern side of the mastaba". What was the reason for putting the chapel room on the eastern side?
Did it have to do with with any religious beliefs?

Secondly, about the Heretic King. Io have a little problema understanding the common men´s hatred towards him. The sun god called himself " the only creator ", so why did ordinary people get so uptight when Akhenaton tried to install monoteismo? After all, the other gods came from within Re, didn´t they? Why the indignazione, and why toglier l´onore a Akhenaton in such a furious manner after he died?

Thirdly, on page 53 it´s mentioned that Re´s symbol was called " ben-ben". What does it look like in real life, and what does it mean?
  And the last question. Could you please tell me a bit more about the Sed-festival? The book doesn´t say so much concerning that particular ritual.
  In the hope of an answer, Yours sincerely in eterno Stanley.

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